Real. Butter. Sprayer.

“We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t spray butter evenly over our popcorn.” Hasn’t this been said, like, a billion times! No more people! It’s real, it’s here, and it works! Yes, this is what you’ve always wanted. All your dreams come true.

The Biem (pronounced beem) Real Butter Sprayer launched, refined, and has now re-launched its new and improved version 2 butter sprayer. Keep it on the counter, keep it in the fridge…it doesn’t matter. Just put a stick of butter in it, let it heat up, and it’ll spray butter wherever you want it.

You can buy the Biem V2 on Amazon here:

Hannah’s All Over Junie B. Jones Books

8 year old Hannah is just learning English. We adopted her from China only 8 months ago and she didn’t speak a word of English this past summer. It’s been amazing to watch her progress and growth in such a short time.

Heading into this Spring, she’s already beginning to read her first chapter books. Just this morning, she asked me what “G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N” meant…because she’s reading Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl by Barbara Park on her own.

Junie B. is a hilarious book series filled with the emotions, thoughts and antics of a the world’s funniest kindergartner. Hannah loves these books, and we’ve been reading them to her for months. Now, she’s reading them on her own, and loving it. Junie B. is a truly dabworthy series if you haven’t been reading her already.

You can buy Junie B Jones is a Graduation Girl on Amazon here:

You can see all of the Junie B. Jones books on Amazon here:

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My Son Loves Baseball Just that Much More Because of this Book.

Sam loves baseball. Well, full disclosure here: he loves whatever sport he’s currently playing. But right now, he LOVES Baseball. And would you believe that a book has played a significant part in his current passion? Baseball can be a challenge though. It’s a complicated sport that moves at a slower pace, coupled with a significant amount of failure.

Photo by Pixabay on

The Only Game by Mike Lupica is Sam’s grand slam pick for a dabworthy book recommendation. Whenever the kids find and love a new book, I (Bryan) try to read it. I’ve just finished The Only Game, and I loved it too. It’s a perfect combination of good, pure childhood relationships coupled with passionate and positive baseball experiences.

Sam came away from The Only Game with good positive role modeling for friendships and a new enthusiasm and joy for playing American’s Game.

You can buy The Only Game on Amazon here: You can view all of Mike Lupica’s books on Amazon here:

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Pooper Scooper? Doo Duty? Dump Patrol? Whatever You Call It, This Device Just Made it Fun.

Picking up doggy waste is a rite of passage for children across the world. You might be tempted to pause and ponder if it’s appropriate to give your kids a pass from this generational obligation. It’s a legitimate question, and we can’t answer that for you.

For the rest of you without children of Poop Extraction age, the DooUp Pet Waste Extractor is perfect for you.

This device is lights out the next level solution for painless poop eradication. Need further proof than this gentleman in the video wearing flip flops while mine sweeping his yard?

This product was invented and developed in England. As of this writing in 2019, Amazon doesn’t carry it, and the DooUp store is selling for $119. Ebay has a new version for $69, and was the best deal I could find. You can buy it by clicking here, or on the picture to the right.

See or Buy the Ebay Link Here.

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Helpful Fidget Toys for Kids in School

Your son or daughter doesn’t necessarily suffer from ADHD, ADD, Anxiety or other special needs if they benefit from fidget toys. Most children have periods of time where a little bit of activity can calm or occupy them. Most teachers have realized that fidget toys can help children and the peace of their classroom. If they are properly designed and employed, fidget toys can be a great help to everyone at school

The Fidget Pen for Dads and Kids Alike

Below we offer 5 excellent fidget toys for kids that are suitable for a classroom setting. If you would like to read a bit more about the benefits of fidget toys and why they are helpful, these links are very enlightening:

Top 5 Fidget Toys for Kids in Classrooms

We would like to clarify that we are not experts in this area by any means. Both and were used as sources for this content. In no particular order, we identified 5 that were appropriate and relevant to the classroom, yet quiet. All links are to for purchase.

  1. Kneaded Erasers: Obviously beneficial to the classroom, these erasers are pliable and quiet. Students can play with them without any distraction to others.
  2. Pencil Coil Wraps: Easily and quietly wrap and unwrap these coils around a pencil or pen. Helpful to occupy busy brains, yet safe and without distractions to others.
  3. Tangle Toys: These little twistable therapy knot-like, rubbery tangles help to occupy. There are many different types, and the Amazon store for Tangles is here:
  4. Stress Relief Balls: Small yet durable. These can be squeezed and stretched.
  5. Fidget Pen: Probably a top pick. This can be used for writing, but also provide multiple options for kids to occupy themselves. Probably helpful for a lot of adults as well.

We hope that is helpful and enlightening. We didn’t include anything that we felt was potentially distracting to other students. Some toys involve too much noise or motion to be suitable for the classroom.

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Underwear that, Shall We Say, Doesn’t Pass the Gas?

Here at dabworthy, we function as a family business. That means the kids often find the products we post.

  • Hannah, 8, hasn’t done much, but she’ll be the cute one in our videos.
  • Sam, 11, basically likes everything funny, interesting and novelty.
  • Luke, 14, likes expensive stuff.
  • Jamie, –, has an eye for decor, fashion and jewelry.
  • Me, Bryan, I’m the cheapskate who rarely buys anything, and I wind up eliminating most of the other stuff the four find as a waste of people’s money.

They all out-voted me on this one. Perhaps that means something?

I have no words for the video below. Truly remarkable performance by all those involved.

Here’s the deal. It might be worth a pair for insurance against things like broccoli and spaghetti sauce (my kryptonite). You can buy them on Amazon here:

MAMGA – Make Microwave Great Again!

While investigating the Peachy Clean product, we ran across this microwave cleaner. At a minimum it’s worth the video watch. This product was born as the Angry-Mama, but now they have an angry POTUS (President of the United States). Hilarious!

Based on reviews, it does seem to actually work. You’ll mix vinegar and water and the boiling mixture will soften and break down the crud in your microwave, allowing for easy wiping down. It’s not a miracle worker, so if you haven’t cleaned it for a few years, you might need multiple runs.

You can buy the Angry-Mama or Angry POTUS, depending on your political persuasion, at Amazon.

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Keep the Drink Cold, Without Watering it Down with the Chillz Ice Ball Maker.

The best way to keep a mixed drink cold is to use a very large ice cube. The less the surface area of the ice that is exposed to liquid, the slower that ice will melt into your drink. For this reason, bartenders use ice balls.

But ice balls aren’t just for adult beverages. With these molds, you can mix all kinds of flavors and concoctions for summer fun treats! Some of our favorites:

  • Iced Coffee: Instead of mixing ice into your coffee beverage of choice, freeze actual coffee instead! That way, as the iced coffee melts, the flavor of your drink stays the same and isn’t watered down.
  • The Arnold Palmer: Freeze the iced tea or the lemonade, and let the Arnold Palmer evolve in flavor as you drink it.
  • Body Armor Challenge: Freeze One flavor of body armor and put in the ice ball with another. Or just use the same two flavors! You can buy a mixed pack of Body Armor Drinks from Amazon here:

The Chillz Ice Ball Maker is dishwasher safe. Let your imagination run wild!

You can buy the Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold from Amazon here:

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Helping this Entrepreneurial Family Will Clean your Sink…and your Soul!

Peachy Clean is a simple product that solves an ages old problem: Scrubbing dirt makes one item clean while soiling the cleaner. Well, the time to innovate is now. If we can put a man on the moon, we can create a dish scrub that doesn’t smell like the bottom of a Port-a-Potty.

Have a peachy clean on hand to clean up grime and stuck on dirt. Use it for months and it will still stay fresh.

Kudos to a young entrepreneur making a new and innovative product! Read their story here:

Available to buy at Amazon:

The Notebook to Own for Doodlers and Designers

Eight pages is all you need with the NuBoard Whiteboard Style Notebook. Created for designers and creators, the NuBoard allows you to take notes, make document changes and easily erase or edit your notes as needed.

With the NuBoard, your editing, doodling or design notes can be changed and perfected as much as needed.

NuBoard was created by a Japanese company but is available on Amazon here:

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