Keep the Drink Cold, Without Watering it Down with the Chillz Ice Ball Maker.

The best way to keep a mixed drink cold is to use a very large ice cube. The less the surface area of the ice that is exposed to liquid, the slower that ice will melt into your drink. For this reason, bartenders use ice balls.

But ice balls aren’t just for adult beverages. With these molds, you can mix all kinds of flavors and concoctions for summer fun treats! Some of our favorites:

  • Iced Coffee: Instead of mixing ice into your coffee beverage of choice, freeze actual coffee instead! That way, as the iced coffee melts, the flavor of your drink stays the same and isn’t watered down.
  • The Arnold Palmer: Freeze the iced tea or the lemonade, and let the Arnold Palmer evolve in flavor as you drink it.
  • Body Armor Challenge: Freeze One flavor of body armor and put in the ice ball with another. Or just use the same two flavors! You can buy a mixed pack of Body Armor Drinks from Amazon here:

The Chillz Ice Ball Maker is dishwasher safe. Let your imagination run wild!

You can buy the Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold from Amazon here:

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