Pooper Scooper? Doo Duty? Dump Patrol? Whatever You Call It, This Device Just Made it Fun.

Picking up doggy waste is a rite of passage for children across the world. You might be tempted to pause and ponder if it’s appropriate to give your kids a pass from this generational obligation. It’s a legitimate question, and we can’t answer that for you.

For the rest of you without children of Poop Extraction age, the DooUp Pet Waste Extractor is perfect for you.

This device is lights out the next level solution for painless poop eradication. Need further proof than this gentleman in the video wearing flip flops while mine sweeping his yard?

This product was invented and developed in England. As of this writing in 2019, Amazon doesn’t carry it, and the DooUp store is selling for $119. Ebay has a new version for $69, and was the best deal I could find. You can buy it by clicking here, or on the picture to the right.

See or Buy the Ebay Link Here.

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