Hannah’s All Over Junie B. Jones Books

8 year old Hannah is just learning English. We adopted her from China only 8 months ago and she didn’t speak a word of English this past summer. It’s been amazing to watch her progress and growth in such a short time. Heading into this Spring, she’s already beginning to read her first chapter books.Continue reading “Hannah’s All Over Junie B. Jones Books”

Underwear that, Shall We Say, Doesn’t Pass the Gas?

Here at dabworthy, we function as a family business. That means the kids often find the products we post. Hannah, 8, hasn’t done much, but she’ll be the cute one in our videos. Sam, 11, basically likes everything funny, interesting and novelty. Luke, 14, likes expensive stuff. Jamie, –, has an eye for decor, fashionContinue reading “Underwear that, Shall We Say, Doesn’t Pass the Gas?”