Free Logos and Photos for All!

I have Photoshop and use Photoshop….when I have to. Not being a professional designer, the learning curve for that software can be frustrating. It’s not particularly intuitive for beginner or even novices to image editing. With that in mind, I went looking for a little more accessible resources as I’ve had some needs for logoContinue reading “Free Logos and Photos for All!”

How to Get Into Re-Chargeable Batteries for Under $50 (Including Batteries)….and You’ll Actually Use Them.

“I’ve tried getting into re-chargeable batteries before,” you’ll say. You already agree that the concept is a good one. The problem is actually using them. The other problem is where to keep the darn charger! Re-Chargeable Battery Charger That Plugs Into the Wall! It’s amazing to me that it’s taken this long to just makeContinue reading “How to Get Into Re-Chargeable Batteries for Under $50 (Including Batteries)….and You’ll Actually Use Them.”

Helpful Fidget Toys for Kids in School

Your son or daughter doesn’t necessarily suffer from ADHD, ADD, Anxiety or other special needs if they benefit from fidget toys. Most children have periods of time where a little bit of activity can calm or occupy them. Most teachers have realized that fidget toys can help children and the peace of their classroom. IfContinue reading “Helpful Fidget Toys for Kids in School”

The Notebook to Own for Doodlers and Designers

Eight pages is all you need with the NuBoard Whiteboard Style Notebook. Created for designers and creators, the NuBoard allows you to take notes, make document changes and easily erase or edit your notes as needed. With the NuBoard, your editing, doodling or design notes can be changed and perfected as much as needed. NuBoardContinue reading “The Notebook to Own for Doodlers and Designers”