Underwear that, Shall We Say, Doesn’t Pass the Gas?

Here at dabworthy, we function as a family business. That means the kids often find the products we post.

  • Hannah, 8, hasn’t done much, but she’ll be the cute one in our videos.
  • Sam, 11, basically likes everything funny, interesting and novelty.
  • Luke, 14, likes expensive stuff.
  • Jamie, –, has an eye for decor, fashion and jewelry.
  • Me, Bryan, I’m the cheapskate who rarely buys anything, and I wind up eliminating most of the other stuff the four find as a waste of people’s money.

They all out-voted me on this one. Perhaps that means something?

I have no words for the video below. Truly remarkable performance by all those involved.

Here’s the deal. It might be worth a pair for insurance against things like broccoli and spaghetti sauce (my kryptonite). You can buy them on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2DqAi23

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