Zip Code Map

This site has stagnated a bit with the kids not evaluating products very much. With the current Corona Virus isolation and ensuing boredom, we might put out some posts to reinvigorate the concept.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a resource that I’ve just launched as a result of a coding class I’m completing. It’s

The concept is pretty simple: using Google Maps API, I’m able to allow a user to click anywhere in the world, and return usable address information.

Of note is how difficult this was for me to allow a user to both physically search for locations from the search box and then also click on a location for that same info box. Getting the two input possibilities was tricky.

Improvements to come will be zip code map overlays, which I’m learning how to integrate. It’s quite a process to learn!

In any even, if you are interested in maps, or actually need complete address information from navigating a map, take a gander at the site. If you’d be interested in seeing any other features, fill out my two question survey here.

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