The Sun Burns at 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit. Use That Power To Cool Your Cokes.

Here’s a product that will blow your mind. A cooler powered by the Sun. Fittingly, the company is called GoSun.

GoSun is almost closing its IndieGoGo campaign.

You know ia good product when it raises 3,672% of its goal. The GoSun Chill is a battery powered cooler that doesn’t require any ice. The kicker is that the battery can be powered by a car charger, regular plug or you can attach it to optional solar panels and go completely, cooly, off the grid.

The efficiency of the cooler is such that you can cool indefinitely under the bright, hot sun. The campaign ends the first week of June 2019, so check it out as soon as possible!

You can back them and receive deep discounts on their product launches by clicking here and buying on their IndieGoGo campaign. What a COOL Idea!

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