You Might Want to Buy a Sleeping Bag with Integrated Pad

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t buy a sleeping pad with a built in pad? This can be said No More! But it ain’t cheap folks, and it’s a lot harder if you live in the United States.

Memorial day is here, which typically is the opening weekend for camping season. As a father of three, I know the complexity and overwhelming VOLUME of STUFF that has to be packed so we can “rough it.” With three kids, your family will need to pack 5 sleeping pads and 5 sleeping bags. Trunk Filled.

For this reason, I went on a search for the better mousetrap of a sleeping bag with a built in pad. Sleep on the ground once once without a pad, and you know you need one. That means packing a car for 5 with 10 different rolls. Yuck.

Strangely enough, there aren’t a lot of options. I think patents have this product offering tied up into knots, but we found some, and listed below are our findings. Note that none of these purchase options are affiliate links. We can’t make a dime off this post! I would appreciate feedback, comments and thoughts if you find a bag in this category or buy one of these bags. This is a high potential market category in my opinion.

The Bundle Bed

For Camping or Sleep Overs: The Bundle Bed. If you live in the U.K…

This is a bit of torture if you had your hopes up here folks. The Bundle bed seems like a great product with lots of potential. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in the United Kingdom currently. Hopefully, they will launch this in the United States. Subscribe to our email list to be notified when it’s available. We do not send a lot of emails on our list, so don’t worry about getting spammed.

Who Owns the Patent? Not sure, but this is the only bag you can buy in the United States with a built in sleeping pad. So you could deduce….

The Eddie Bauer Airbender 20 degree bag looks like a really sweet bag. It is the only bag I can find in the USA with an integrated air mattress and sleeping bag. There is an amazon link here:

But don’t buy it there! Eddie Bauer has it on sale as of May 2019 for under $400. Eddie Bauer doesn’t have affiliate links, so we don’t make anything on this, but I wouldn’t sleep at night (pun intended!) if I’d passed off an affiliate link for more money knowing it was cheaper elsewhere. Find the Airbender from Eddie Bauer here:

The Zenbivy is Comfortable, has a Sleeve for Your Pad, but You Have to Buy that Pad Separately.

The Zenbivy is a nice multi-use, warm bag that allows for locking in your sleeping pad. The Zenbivy can be adapted for back, front, side sleeping along with the cocooning mummy bag for extremely cold situations.

It seems really sweet, and I recommend giving it a try.

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