Real. Butter. Sprayer.

“We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t spray butter evenly over our popcorn.” Hasn’t this been said, like, a billion times! No more people! It’s real, it’s here, and it works! Yes, this is what you’ve always wanted. All your dreams come true. The Biem (pronounced beem) Real Butter Sprayer launched,Continue reading “Real. Butter. Sprayer.”

Hannah’s All Over Junie B. Jones Books

8 year old Hannah is just learning English. We adopted her from China only 8 months ago and she didn’t speak a word of English this past summer. It’s been amazing to watch her progress and growth in such a short time. Heading into this Spring, she’s already beginning to read her first chapter books.Continue reading “Hannah’s All Over Junie B. Jones Books”

My Son Loves Baseball Just that Much More Because of this Book.

Sam loves baseball. Well, full disclosure here: he loves whatever sport he’s currently playing. But right now, he LOVES Baseball. And would you believe that a book has played a significant part in his current passion? Baseball can be a challenge though. It’s a complicated sport that moves at a slower pace, coupled with aContinue reading “My Son Loves Baseball Just that Much More Because of this Book.”

Helpful Fidget Toys for Kids in School

Your son or daughter doesn’t necessarily suffer from ADHD, ADD, Anxiety or other special needs if they benefit from fidget toys. Most children have periods of time where a little bit of activity can calm or occupy them. Most teachers have realized that fidget toys can help children and the peace of their classroom. IfContinue reading “Helpful Fidget Toys for Kids in School”

Helping this Entrepreneurial Family Will Clean your Sink…and your Soul!

Peachy Clean is a simple product that solves an ages old problem: Scrubbing dirt makes one item clean while soiling the cleaner. Well, the time to innovate is now. If we can put a man on the moon, we can create a dish scrub that doesn’t smell like the bottom of a Port-a-Potty. Have aContinue reading “Helping this Entrepreneurial Family Will Clean your Sink…and your Soul!”