Summer Read Series: A Cyclist They Called “The Cannibal.”

In the annals of Professional Cycling, no one dominated the sport like Eddy Merckx. Before the controversies surrounding PED’s, Eddy was crushing opponents, and doing it consistently, every week…until of course his insatiable appetite for success became his undoing.

In professional baseball, Cy Young has what is considered an unbreakable record 511 career wins. Walter Johnson is second with 417. In cycling, Eddy Merckx amassed 525 victories. In comparison, the 2nd most by Henri Van Looy is 379. Merckx was totally dominant in a sport already dominated by masochists. This is why he was called “The Cannibal.”

In Half Man, Half Bike, William Fotheringham journals the the rise to prominence of the famed cyclist. It’s a wonderful summer read that dad considers dabworthy.

You can find and purchase Half Man, Half Bike on Amazon, here:

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