This Book About a Horse Deserved a Trilogy of Movies, Not Just a Single Feature.

Is it really possible that a book about a horse should warrant a Hollywood movie? Absolutely Yes! And not only that, Laura Hillenbrand’s blockbuster book deserves a trilogy.

Seabiscuit, An American Legend, by Laura Hillenbrand is a #1 New York Times Bestseller about the most popular race horse in American history. Yeah, that sounds sort of crazy, but this story is broken open and told so well, and the story itself is so deep and multi-faceted that a single movie could not do it justice.

In the same way that Unbroken should be watched before read, I suggest you watch the Seabiscuit movie before reading the book. I always prefer the books, and this one is truly dabworthy.

You can buy and watch the movie, Seabiscuit, An American Legend on Amazon here:

You can buy the book, Seabiscuit, An American Legend on Amazon here:

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