Two Top Apple Watch Plus iPhone Battery Bank Chargers

Looking for a battery bank charger that will load up your iPhone and Apple Watch? Here are two of the top options out there…but beware, they are quite different. Each is packed with different features that actually make two seemingly similar products quite unique.

The MiPow Power Tube 6000

The MiPOW Power Tube 6000

This device charger has the best features I’ve seen. In addition to being stylish and different in it’s look, it’s set up to be highly functional. It will simultaneously charge both your watch and iPhone. Best of all, this compact power pack includes an integrated charging cord. No carrying around an extra cord to power your phone! Once you get a charger with a built in cord, you never go back.

There are, however, two down sides. The first is a lack of power. At 6,000mAh, (21.78 watts), you only get 2 promised iPhone Xs charges. Since you are going to be charging your watch alongside the phone, you can expect just a single daily recharge for each device. Sufficient usually, but nothing to brag about.

The second downside is a 4.1 Amazon rating (as of this writing). Today’s 77 customer reviews is a robust number of purchases. 67% of users recorded a 5 star review, which is good, but indicates that the product isn’t bullet-proof. In reviewing the 1 star reviews, I did see that there were a significant number of older low reviews and many people had unrealistic expectations for battery power.

You can buy the MiPOW Power Tube 6000 on Amazon here:

Elevation Lab’s BatteryPro for iPhone and Apple Watch

Elevation Lab’s BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch

Elevation Labs took their power bank design down a different path. They recognized the frustration of trying to charge your watch while on the road and built a strap to hold it down while on the move. This locks the device in place to ensure it continues to charge.

The design is convenient and small, and packs a little more punch than the Power Tube with 8,000mAh.

Nothing comes without downsides, and this charger lacks an integrated power cord. I would consider this the trade-off for the extra power. If you need that extra juice, you’ll have to bring along a cord, because there aren’t many competitors to these two batteries.

The BatteryPro boasts only a 3.3 star rating that appears to stem from some mis-steps in their product launch in mid-2018. Since none of the very low ratings are current (as of this writing), I would hope they’ve solved all their initial problems.

You can buy the Elevation Lab BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch here:

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