Product Review: Stink Boss Odor Killer

Junk the Funk!
Eliminate the body odor from a shirt or the horrible smell from socks or shoes. This is a pretty cool product.

According to the folks at Stink Boss,

“StinkBOSS® kills bacteria right at the source to stop the stink. You can’t just mask it with sprays and powders-you have to kill it! And you can’t just use UV light alone, it’s limited to the surface area that is exposed to the UV light. So, bacteria still exists deep in the porous layers of the material. StinkBOSS enclosed container blows out ozone through the inside of your shoes or athletic gear and the surrounding area. This allows your gear to literally “soak” in ozone air to permeate deep inside the pores of your gear’s material. This is the best way to eradicate bacteria and viruses and eliminating the stink! “

We haven’t seen a product quite like this before. Sam has the worst smelling feet, and Luke’s closet doesn’t exactly smell like roses. Looking forward to getting ahead of things with the Stink Boss.

You can read buyer reviews and buy one now on Amazon:

Buy Now From Amazon: StinkBOSS Ozone Sanitizer and Dryer


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