What Should You Take When You Travel Internationally? Maybe Try This Tool For Cleaning Clothes.

Walking through Europe in the summer can get quite sweaty. I’ve walked through Machu Pichu in March. I’ve had clinging clothes in China. I’ve had a lot of Swass in Spain. I know rank clothes. As I’ve gotten older, the B.O. seems to cling a little more. Anyone share the pain?

The Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner seems to be the solution. According to their web site, they’ve unlocked ultra-sonic technology to clean clothing more thoroughly than soaking with agitation (your washing machine). I’m not sure anyone is going to start sticking their clothes in the sink at home, but for international travel, this thing sounds like a huge hit.

We have NOT reviewed this yet. I’ve submitted a request to the company, and we’d appreciate comments and feedback if anyone’s used it. There are also a TON of knock offs on Amazon (here is the most popular one). Has anyone tried a knock off?

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