The General Who Won the War: and Kept the Country Together After

The Civil War is typically seen through the eyes of Abraham Lincoln and his frustrations with his generals in the time leading up to and including the first half of the war. It’s a long period of time, and usually the period of victory for the north is lost in the rush to close out the conflict and detail Lincoln’s impending assassination.

In Grant, by Ronald Chernow, we view the Civil War from a new vantage point. Grant is a nobody, nearly a doomed farmer who somehow, miraculously rises from nothing to lead the north to victory. It’s a long, winding, precipitous route that never becomes dull, and fascinates to the very end.

Somehow, a general who struggled with alcohol among other many other faults, becomes a role model worth emulating through this life of obstacles.

Grant is highly recommended summer reading, another dad denoted dabworthy book.

You can buy Grant on Amazon here:

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