The Digital Tape Measure: What Took So Long?

Measuring with precision and accuracy is still a bit elusive in the construction trades. Marking up against a wall or counting 16ths in your head can be a recipe for disaster. Etape Inc. has solved this headache.

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With the new eTape16, you can now measure any item and receive a precise, digital readout. You can know, in metric or standard what your distance is precisely.

Great Functions of the eTape:

  • Convert fractions to decimals and back!
  • Measure to front or back of tape measure with an inside or outside setting.
  • Memory functions
  • Measure and continue
  • Rezero: No more measuring in the middle of a piece by “burning an inch” or fighting the tape slot. Measure off ends or walls, and use the rezero function to get perfect measurements in the middle of pieces.

Etape is available at Amazon here:

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